The People

The People

Our board members, management team and advisors, with their diverse backgrounds and experience, provide valuable feedback for overall governance and company performance. With their expertise, information, authority and motivation, they are able to focus on :

  • Strategic direction and implementation
  • Monitoring ethical and legal performance
  • Monitoring financial performance
  • Crisis prevention and management
  • Development, evaluation and succession of executive directors

Together our board and management team innovates not only to meet all future challenges but to enhance and grow our services.

FTMS College Malaysia

B S Mangat

Group CEO

Datin Sabariah Abdul Karim


Dr. Sajilal Divakaran

CEO / Principal

Sirjit Gill

Business Development Consultant

Trevor Ward

University Programme Coordinator

Dr. Mohammad Adam Bakar

Dean – Academic

Mohamad Noor Hj Salleh

Head of Corporate Office

Tan Kee Haow (Eric)

Head of Quality Assurance