FTMS Thanks Giving Party

A great event of Thanks Giving Party was held earlier on 14th March 2012, at VCR A&B, level 5. The event started approximately at 10.45 a.m. and came to an end at 1.30 p.m. The MC, Ms Jaj, student of I.E Advanced level, welcomed the staff, lecturers and the students with her beautiful words. Mr. Rama, Education Relations Manager, was called to say a few words as well.

In the beginning of the event, we enjoyed a slide show presentation which acknowledges the students of all levels and their lecturers, further indicating the activities done during the semester. To cheer the floor further, students from I.E Pre-elementary came up on stage to make speech followed by worthy words prepared by students from I.E Elementary . Before the presentation of I.E Intermediate students, Ms. Chan, Student Services Manager, gave a speech. Two sketches were performed by I.E Intermediate students and it was highly appreciated with a big applause and followed by the PSA (Public Service Announcement) prepared by I.E Advanced students shown on the screen attracting everybody’s attention.

The students who attended the class without any absenteeism and showed their commitment were given a certificate of best attendance with a small award. As each student came up to the stage to get their certificates,, a beautiful memory was captured through photographs.

Food had been prepared for both staff and students to gourmandize at level 4. All participants had really enjoyed the event as well as the food. From the beginning of the event splashes of lights could be seen all over the place where students were busy taking memories of this delighting moment. English Department hopes to organize another thriving event as this in the near future.