Foodology Seminar 2012 – “Personalize Yourself Through Eating Habit”

The Foodology Seminar is a programme that highlighted the awareness on healthy eating habits and lifestyles by the industry expertise and quality speaker in foodology field. The programme consists of 5 sessions of activities. The FTMS College official van then arrived at the destination which is the Kuala Lumpur Library at 9.10am. Students are given breakfast and door gifts upon registration.

After the launching ceremony, the programme starts the 1st Session by Dr. Vythilinggam (Malaysian Vegetarian Society) on the topic of “Benefits of Plant Based Diet: A New Beginning”. The session talks about the advantages of applying vegetarian eating habits. He highlighted the issues occurred on animal slaughter sessions and the epidemic diseases.

Next session by Prof. Dr. Salmah Ibak (Gesunhaeit Sdn. Bhd) talks about “Health Talk: Living to 120 years and beyond” where she highlighted on awareness of the hygienic water consumed by the community and healthy lifestyle. After this session, the students are given lunch.

The 3rd session was the Happy Hour with Celebrity Chefs: Simple and Easy To Do Recipes by experienced chefs, Chef Mohammad Rashidi and Chef Abdul Kadir. The chef demonstrates the preparation of Yogurt Sippers and Salad Dessert.

After that, the 4th session by Dato’ Steve Yap (DSY Wellness and Longevity Centre) starts discussing on the topic of “Dietary and Lifestyle Habits Linked to Serious Health Disorders”. He seriously focused on re-generative medicines and health disorder faces by the community.

Last but not least, the final session for “Healthy Food Competition: Plant of Life”. FTMS sent 6 representatives for the competition. Among them, three of the students won the 3rd place (Prevena Anpalagan), 2nd place (Rana Osama Tariq) and the 1st place (Mary Grace Gay Colon).

The seminar ended with the Price and Certificate Giving Ceremony by 6.00pm. Overall, no record of accident or injuries was reported. The programme was successful.