Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in Marketing Management
R/342/4/0058 (A8905) 07/23

The course enables students to gain a wide range of marketing, management, business and IT skills in demand in today’s ever changing world. Students will cover the theory and practice of marketing management. The diploma will enable them to develop careers and make effective contributions to the marketing activities of the organisations. Upon successful completion of the course students may apply for exemption on the business degree of their choice.


Prior to the start of any year of a course (including prior to the start of year 1 at the application stage), a student may request exemption from one or more specific taught modules during the year on the basis of previous qualifications or experience.

Exemptions will only be considered where the relevant course regulations allow for module exemptions to be granted.

Students with relevant Diploma or equivalent qualifications will be exempted from academic year 1 and 2 depending on their qualifications, subjects to approval from the Examination Board.


Assessment is through a mix of examination, coursework and essays, plus other oral and activity-based assignments. Coursework includes problem-solving activities, consultancy projects, presentations and individual and group reports.


Graduates will be awarded the MQA(Malaysian Qualifications Agency) accredited Diploma after completion of all three academic years.

Year 1

Statistic and Numerical Methods
Fundamentals of Computing
Business Communication
Business Organisation
Accounting Principles
English for Learning
Malaysian Studies
Islamic Studies / Moral Studies
Bahasa Malaysia
Year 2

Micro Economics
Business Ethics
Marketing Communication
Marketing Management
Organisational Behaviour
Principles of Marketing
Service Marketing
Customer Relations Management
Business Law
English for Professionals
Year 3

Sales Management
Marketing Research
Business Strategy
Macro Economics
International Marketing
Human Resource Management
Public Relations

Our published entry requirements are a guide only and our decision will be based on your overall suitability for the course as well as whether you meet the minimum entry requirements.

We welcome applications from International students. Please check the minimum entry qualification below and contact our counselor for a specific entry requirement information.

i. A pass in SPM it at least Credit in any 3 subjects or any equivalent qualification ;
ii. A pass in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia(STPM) with a minimum of Grade C ( GP 2.0) in any subject or any equivalent qualification;
iii. A pass in Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) with a minimum grade of Maqbul;
iv. A pass in SKM Level 3 in a related field, and a pass in SPM with a minimum of 1 Credit in any subject;
v. Any qualifications equivalent to Certificate (Level3, MQF).

Graduates are exceptionally well suited to positions in which business analysis and reflection are applied towards making strategic and operational contributions to the functioning, improvement and renewal of commercial and non-commercial organizations

Graduates can seek various career opportunities at executive levels such as:

Marketing Assistants
Marcom Executives
Promotion and Advertising Executives
Sales Executives
Business Development Executives
Business Support Executives
Internet Marketing Executives
Customer Service Executives