FTMS Research Projects

FTMS Research Projects


Image Processing – Recognition and Retrieval of Image

Objectives of the Research to demonstrate the use of multiple contours in detecting and recognising the objects in an image for improved retrieval accuracy and to make retrieval algorithm more efficient and improved retrieval speed.

Computing Ethics

As Technology advances at an ever increasing speed, its impact on society and how society responds becomes even more important. The use of computers and their software applications is how a necessary component of everyday life, both in the home and in the workplace. There is therefore great need for the implementation and following of a set of policies and procedures with regards to the creation, content, usage and disposal of the technology component.

These are the aspects which fall under the umbrella of Computing Ethics. As there is an advance in the technology or the arrival of a new technology, so the policies and procedures used to be monitored and reviewed to ensure their continued applicability and relevance and that the ethics aspects of the use of the technology are upheld. This is also the situation with regards to the views held on technology by different societies and cultures.

Research Project possibilities:

  • Control of access to internet sites
  • Safe disposal of equipment in a green environment

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a new profession which makes great use of computers and the internet is the field of criminology. It is an area that is rapidly growing in importance and visibility.

The need for examination of computer and other digital data is now an indispensable tool in enforcement of law, corporate security and the gathering of intelligence.

Computer forensics impact not only on the gathering and analysis of information and data but also on the legal system processes, and the process of investigation.

Research Project possible :

  • Cryptography and Information Security
  • DNA Testing

Computer Forensics

Social media covers the aspect of communication through applicaton such as Facebook and Twitter. As well as their use by individuals, many organizations are now using them for the marketing of their goods and services to targeted markets.

Research Project possibilities:

  • Questionnaires response via Social media
  • Social Medias impact on Young Adults


Bioinformatics is a combination of mainly biological and computer sciences with other contributing disciplines. Bioinformatics practitioners have difficulty in agreeing upon the scope of its us