The FTMS English Program is designed with the explicit objective of equipping our learners with the strategies to learn English. Learners gain an understanding of the process of English Language acquistion, enabling them to continue with their pursuit of academic and professional excellence with FTMS programs.

The program not only improves the student’ listening, speaking, reading, writing skills but also instills in them the skills to continue learning. It provides FTMS’s English learners with the techniques to enhance their English Language learning past the Advanced stage.

At FTMS we believe in a holistic approach to learning seen clearly in our integrated approach of language delivery. The program encompasses a range of classroom and outdoor activities in which the students listen, discuss, read, analyse, critique and write. As students progress from stage to stage they become more involved in learning the strategies of listening, speaking, reading and writing required of them in the academic mainstream. Students also gain greater confidence in the use of English vocabulary with contextual accuracy and spontaneity.

By learning and developing good English Language skills they are equipped to become life-long learners in areas of their choice.