Student Services

Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services Department aims to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment outside of the classroom for academic success and individual development of the students. There are multiple opportunities available for leadership development, skill enhancement, social interaction, character building and community service activities.

We also offer a range of support services to help students meet some of the challenges they may experience as FTMS student! In a nutshell, we want to help students enjoy their campus life. Do feel free to drop by to see anyone of us – We would be glad to meet and assist you!

Student Service Counter

The student service counter at FTMS is located at Wing C, Ground Floor. This information and service point is provided for queries on schedules, subjects, appointments with lecturers, copying services, request forms, issuing of results, educational advice and information dissemination and stationery items such as project folders, persons to contact and appointments with staff. All course work will be submitted at this counter.

The following table show the normal hours for the Student Service Counter. Student Service Counter will be closed during federal and state holidays.

Student Service Counter Hours
Location Monday-Friday Saturday
Student Service Counter, Wing C, Ground Floor 09.30am – 5.30pm 09.30am – 1pm
Closed every Sunday
*Student Service Counter Hours are subject to change

Counseling Services

The Student Service Department is committed in providing comprehensive and cutting edge counselling services that are developmental, preventive and remedial to facilitate problem-resolution, improve relationships, enhance growth and empowered development of fullest potential through promoting and modelling positive mental health for our students.

Timetabling and Exams (Including Module Planning)

At FTMS, Malaysia the timetabling and exams unit is part of the central administration of the College. They ensure that your classes and exams are scheduled at appropriate times and in suitable rooms.

They publish information on all classes and exams on the notice boards. Timetables for each semester are normally made available about a month before the classes run.

Exam information is normally made available around four weeks before the exams take place. It is your responsibility to look this up. If you do not and miss the exam you will fail it!

If you have a problem with your timetable or the scheduling of exams if it is an error you should discuss it with the Student Services.

Student Development & Sports

At FTMS College has several student’s activities and societies catering to different areas of interest including religious, educational, cultural, sports and business fields.