Job Interview Workshop 2012

This workshop was organized by the Student Council Committee and the School of English. The objectives of this workshop were to explain to the students on how to prepare a resume and curriculum vitae and preparation for attending interview session.

The workshop started at 3.00pm with Abubakar Aminu Abubakar (MC) gave the welcoming speech. The first session was conducted by Ms. Rachel. She talked about on how to look for a job, how to prepare resume and CV and the difference between resume and CV.

The next session was conducted by Ms. Kasthuri and Ms. Dilashni. They talk about preparation before, during and after the interview session.

After that there was a Job Interview demonstration by the English Club. They had showed examples of good interview session and bad interview session.

Before the closing, there was Q and A session. Four students had asked questions and all questions were successfully answered by the speakers.

The workshop ended at 5pm.