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Professional Qualification

R2/344/6/0128 (A7912) 07/22


Professional Qualification

R2/344/6/0129 (A7913) 07/22

Diploma in Psychology

N/311/4/0112 (MQA/PA9450) 02/23

Diploma in Hotel Management

N/811/4/0335 (MQA/PA8424) 11/21

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

N/143/4/0162 (MQA/PA9451) 03/24


Welcome to FTMS!

Top class private college in Malaysia offering a diverse range of academic programs in a conducive environment.

What’s happening?

What they think about us?

Hi. My name is Thavaselvi. I am attached with DELL. I chose to study in FTMS College because I will be able to meet working executives from all over the world and expand my networking.


- System Analyst, DELL

What they think about us?

I am from Kuching & working in Johor Baharu with MMCE group of companies as a safety and environment - senior manager. I am here, doing my MBA with FTMS college. I am here enhance my knowledge & time table is very flexible and I have no problem, with it. Lecturers are helpful and hope with this MQA approved qualification, I will prosper in my career.


- Head – HSSE, MMCE Berhad

What they think about us?

Hi. I am Malini. I am a network engineer attached with DELL global business centre I am doing my MBA in FTMS. I am getting a UK degree in Malaysia without any pressure. I am also able to score high marks with helpful lecturers with FTMS.


- Network Engineer, DELL

What they think about us?

Hi. The lecturers here are very helpful throughout my program for dissertation, assignment and also the group presentations.


- Group ICT Manager

What they think about us?

Well….my lecturers are really very helpful for all my modules then these flexible hours are really helping me ……I found this as very flexible course and really helping me to update my career


- Manager – Engineeering, Precision Tool Tech Sdn. Bhd

What they think about us?

Hi. My name is Saraswati and I am a marketing executive with a company named Premium Vegetable oils which is a manufacturing company of Vegetable oils. The reason why I chose to do MBA is to upgrade myself as well as to get promotion in the company.


- Marketing Executive, Premium Vegetable oils Sdn. Bhd.

What they think about us?

Hi. I am Vinoth. I am working as a information security manager for ASTRO, Malaysia. Why I choose to pursue FTMS to pursue my MBA degree is because of few characterises that suit my pressured working life. Which are – No exams, Flexible timeline, Weekend classes and high-class lecturers


- IT Manager, ASTRO

What they think about us?

I am from Kedah. I was looking for part time MBA in KL. Because of my work I can’t relocate to KL. The time table for entire program is given so I can fly for part time class and go back to work. There is no such MBA available in KL.


- Principal Engineer, First Solar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Life in FTMS College

Ever committed to providing a vibrant and exciting campus life, FTMS College ensures that its students regularly enjoy a variety of activities including student-led clubs, field trips, cultural celebrations

FTMS College has a dynamic and interactive campus community.

At FTMS College we believe that learning and growing extend beyond the classroom and that it happens wherever you find yourself. That’s why most of our students live on campus, creating a lively social scene.

Choose the Right Programme

Choosing a course suitable for your career aspirations can be confusing. Let us guide you on your career planning.

Why Study at FTMS

Studying for a graduate or post-graduate degree at FTMS College could be the best career decision you ever make.

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FTMS has many scholarships and financial assistance schemes to ease your burden. Find out more about our scholarships.

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For over 20 years, FTMS has prided itself on its biggest assets for its graduates, and academic achievements.

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