Professional Accounting

FTMS School of Professional Accounting & Finance was founded in Singapore in 1986. It is now one of the largest providers of ACCA courses in the world.

The trends towards globalisation affects auditing and financial reporting standards across international frontiers. Finances executives worldwide are being challenged to gain more skills and knowledge to move beyond their transaction orientation in order to be more involved in both strategies and tactical business processes. Globalisation also has major implications for the qualifications and education of accountants and finance professionals. The growth of emerging markets in the information age also requires accountants and finance professionals to adapt to fast changing economies. There is a need for qualifications which are transportable over international border, yet relevant to local market environments.

In today’s highly competitive global markets companies are focusing even more on financial management to enhance corporate business processes and systems integrity. With over 18 years of excellence and more than 26,000 graduates, we train individuals to be professionals in every way.